There was a bomb attack on the Crimean Bridge… Russia: The perpetrators were identified

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the attack on the Crimean Bridge was a terrorist attack aimed at destroying Russia’s civilian infrastructure, while the Chairman of the Russian Investigation Committee Alexander Bastirkin stated that the perpetrators of the bomb attack were identified.

Crimea Annexed By Russia in 2014After the explosion that took place yesterday on the 19-kilometer Crimean Bridge, which connects Turkey to Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the President of the Russian Investigation Committee Aleksandr Bastirkin at the Kremlin Palace. Bastirkin, who reported to Putin about the details of the explosion, stated that they reached the perpetrators of the incident and said, “Our investigation team, experts, forensic experts in the Main Investigation department arrived at the scene very quickly. Our experts examined the results of the explosion very quickly. The route of the detonated truck to Bulgaria, Georgia. “We have identified Armenia, North Ossetia, and Krasnodar Territory. With the support of FSB members, people who prepared the terrorist attack and supported this attack from the territory of the Russian Federation were identified,” he said.


In a short speech at the meeting broadcast live on Russian televisions, Putin said that this attack was a terrorist attack in line with the reports, “There is no doubt that the civilian infrastructure of the Russian Federation is critically important. “It was a terrorist attack aimed at the destruction of a part of it. It is the secret services of Ukraine that planned, carried out and ordered this attack.

” Security measures were increased in the Kerch Strait.

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