The latest situation in the Russia-Ukraine war: Big deadlock for the Kremlin… Russia is besieged in the critical town!

In the war between Russia and Ukraine, which has been going on since February 24, on the one hand, hot clashes and on the other hand, Russia’s plan to seize the Ukrainian lands with the referendum move continues. The news from Donetsk, which is connected to Russia, seems to annoy the Kremlin.

The news that Russian forces were on the verge of siege in a Donetsk town fell like a bombshell. Comments have already begun to be made that the fall of the town of Lyman would be a huge military setback for the Kremlin.

Military blogs in pro-Russian publications have said that Russian forces in the town of Lyman in the Donetsk region are on the verge of encirclement following Ukraine ‘S Gains In The North And East.


The allegations could not be immediately confirmed, but the reported Ukrainian gains appeared to match images and videos posted on social media by Ukrainian soldiers.

The fall of the town will be another military setback for Russia , prompting Ukrainians to enter the Luhansk region, reversing the hard-won gains of Russia’s summer offensive in Donbass.

Moreover, it could be even more damaging politically, showing that Russia failed to stabilize its line of defense after losing Izyum and Kupyansk earlier this month.


“The city is in an extremely vulnerable state,” a Russian military Telegram channel called the Military Observer reported last night.

Ukrainian soldiers broadcast footage of them waving a flag over the village council building in Novosyolovka. Thus, from the north, between Lyman and the advanced elements of the enemy, it seems that only one settlement, Drobyshevo, and all that is only a few kilometers of land remained.

The British Telegraph newspaper wrote that it could not verify the map yet.

Russian forces had captured Lyman in the northern Donetsk region in May.

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