Russian President Putin declares partial military mobilization

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a partial military mobilization.

As Russia’s attacks on Ukraine continued on February 24, Russian leader Putin announced that a partial military mobilization was declared in the country.

“The West is trying to destroy our country, our goal is the liberation of Donbas,” Putin said. said.

“The West is blackmailing us with nuclear weapons” Putin said, “I tell the West, we have a lot of weapons to respond. This is not a bluff.”

Putin said that they support the independence decisions of Ukraine’s Donbas, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions. Putin said that a total of 300,000 reserve soldiers will be called.

SHOYGU: 5 thousand 937 Russian soldiers lost their lives

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, “We are fighting against the West in Ukraine, almost all NATO countries are working their satellites against Russia .” said. Shoigu also reported that 5,937 Russian soldiers lost their lives in the war in Ukraine.


On the other hand, the details of the “partial mobilization” decision, in which Putin announced that only reserve citizens will be subject to compulsory military service, became clear.

According to the decree signed by Putin for the partial mobilization from the Kremlin, starting today;

– Citizens of the Russian Federation, called up for military service through mobilization, will have the status of military personnel serving under the contract in the Russian army.

– Those called for mobilization will be paid at the level of the salaries of contract soldiers.

– Contracted soldiers’ contract periods will continue until the end of the mobilization period.

– Those who do military service under contract during the partial mobilization period and those who are taken into military service for mobilization can only be dismissed from their duties due to their age and health conditions or if they are deprived of liberty by the court.

– According to the decree, the Russian government will finance partial mobilization activities, take the necessary measures to meet the needs of the Russian army.

– Governors were instructed to provide the number of soldiers requested by the Ministry of Defense for each region within the specified time during the mobilization call.

– Russian citizens working in the defense industry will not be included in the mobilization service.


Russian-backed separatist leaders in Donetsk announced yesterday that they will hold a referendum on joining Russia. Officials in the Russian-controlled Kherson region also announced that they would demand a referendum to join Russia.

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