Revenge attack from Russia! Putin broke his silence

Putin described the shooting of the bridge in Crimea as a “terrorist act”, and this morning, the capital of Ukraine and other cities were shaken by explosions. Dozens of 83 missiles fired by the Russians were shot down, Russian leader Putin was in front of the cameras at noon.

On Saturday, October 8, at 06:07CrimeaandRussiaThe explosion on the gigantic bridge connecting Turkey was a turning point. Vladimir Putin’s most prestigious project on the peninsula, which he seized in 2014, was blown up by a truck loaded with explosives.

UkrainiansKerch BridgeHe did not directly take responsibility for the explosion in . but the shooting of the ‘bridge of hate’ literally created a festive mood in the country. In Russia, which was in great shock, Putin was attacked.Ukraineblamed the secret service.

Putin, who appeared on the screen with a red face, described the explosion as an ‘act of terrorism’. The Russian leader is convening the Security Council today. The route of the truck passing the bridge, which was praised as the ‘construction of the century’ by the Russian media, is quite interesting. The Russian secret service announced that the truck had passed through Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, North Odessa and Krasnodar in southern Russia.


Dmitry Medvedev, who has made the most hawkish attacks in Moscow since the invasion attempt that started on February 24, said that Russia should respond to the attack in Crimea. Medvedev, the former leader of Russia, whose official title is currently Deputy Chairman of the Security Council, demanded ‘direct destruction of terrorists’, said, “This is accepted in the world, this is what Russian citizens expect.”

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