First images from Nord Stream sabotage: No 50 meters of line

After the leak in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines stretching from Russia to Germany, the images of the first research conducted under the Baltic Sea have been published. It was observed that three of the four pipes investigated for sabotage had ruptured 50 meters in length.

Swedish-based newspaper Expressen announced that a section of at least 50 meters in length is missing in the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea.

Video taken by Expressen with a remote-controlled submarine drone showed an open pipeline broken in murky waters at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Swedish police and prosecutors suspect that the leaks in Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 on September 26 were caused by deliberate submarine explosions and are investigating the incident as an act of major sabotage.

Expressen said the video was taken on Monday, October 17, and was recorded at a depth of about 80 meters.

Reuters was unable to independently verify that the images released by the newspaper belonged to Nord Stream 1.

Swedish security services said this month they confiscated material from the field after completing the investigation.

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