Bridge revenge! Russia fired whatever missile it had: They hit 13 cities in Ukraine

After the sabotage of the Kerch bridge connecting Crimea to Russia, Moscow showered Ukraine with missiles yesterday. At least 80 missiles and armed drones launched from the Russian mainland, the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea targeted 13 Ukrainian cities. At least 11 people died.

After the Kerch Strait Bridge, which connects the annexed Crimea to Russia by road , was severely damaged as a result of a mysterious sabotage on Saturday, an anxiously anticipated retaliatory move came from Moscow. Russia, which officially showered Ukraine With Missiles as of 06:00 yesterday morning , carried out attacks that destroyed the infrastructure of 13 cities, especially the capital Kiev.

Explaining that Russia fired 84 missiles at Ukraine during the Russian Security Council meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “The necessary comprehensive response has been given to Ukraine in line with the recommendations of our Ministry of Defense. In the retaliation organized by our armed forces, Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, military headquarters, transportation and communication centers were targeted. In addition, I would like to remind the Ukrainian administration once again that we will respond very harshly in case of new terrorist attacks against Russia. Putin also said that they wanted to sabotage the Turkish Stream gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey, but Russian security forces prevented this attempt.


Stating that Russia hit Ukraine with missiles from afar, just like it did on February 24, when the war started, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski said, “Today we are living a very heavy morning. The terrorist country has once again attacked us with all its might. Its target was the infrastructure of our country and civilians. They proved once again to the whole world that their aim is to wipe us off the face of the earth as a people.


Russia’s retaliatory offensive began at 06:00 yesterday morning. The first missiles exploded on the street of the Ukrainian Security Service, located in the center of the capital, Kiev. Then, in the Kyiv region, the substations that supplied the city with electricity were hit. While there was a partial power outage in Kiev, metro services stopped. Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klichko addressed the people of the capital and said, “The subway has stopped. It will only be used as a shelter until further notice. Do not leave your homes and do not form crowded groups”.

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