Beauty queen at war in Ukraine: ‘I have a bullet for Putin’

On February 24, RussiaUkraineDuring his occupation of , many civilians left their jobs and joined the war. One of them is the who left his radiant life.the beauty queenEvgenia Prokopenko…. Saying that she has a bullet for Putin on standby, Prokopenko is at the forefront of the war.

Evgenia Prokopenko, 35, said goodbye to her family, loved ones and her sparkling life six months ago. As a paramedicUkraineHe began to be at the forefront of the war to help his soldiers.

Evgenia, who was the Queen of Ukraine and Miss World finalist in 2012, said her life changed drastically when she saw her friends die. She stated that if she had a chance to meet Putin, she had nothing to say about him, only one bullet was ready.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Prokopenko said, ‘I speak Russian fluently, but I do not know Putin’s language. I don’t know what language to speak with him. Because it refuses to understand all the languages ​​of all the developed countries of the world. I have nothing to say to him because we need to act, not talk to Putin. “I only have one bullet for him,” he says.

Evgenia, who also runs her own law firm, said she had recently liberated the town of Izyum from the Russian occupation: “These are two very different, opposite lives. In civilian life, I was dealing with completely different things. I had my own business, my uniform there was my suit, in war it was a rough military suit and helmet. Here I am a paramedic at the front. the woundedwarI evacuate areas. We provide first aid. If someone had told me six months ago that I would sleep in bunkers or basements in the Ukrainian Armed Forces and save the wounded from the fire, I would never have believed it. My life changed drastically six months ago.”

Evgenia said that although she changed her glamorous life due to the war, she carried her makeup bag and perfume with her wherever she went. “No matter what trench I am in, I always have a mirrored and perfumed makeup bag in my military backpack,” said Evgenia.

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