Video: Wild Goose Gets Loose on the Field at Dodger Stadium During Game 2 of NLDS

The goose is loose.

If rain at Dodger Stadium during Game 1 of the National League Division Series wasn’t odd enough, a wild goose decided to up the ante during Game 2 on Wednesday night.

As the Dodgers batted in the bottom of the eighth inning, a wild, and likely injured goose flew on to the field at Dodger Stadium and laid in the shallow outfield between center and right field.

Cameras caught the goose laying on the grass, but play continued.

After Gavin Lux singled to right field, Padres’ manager Bob Melvin walked to the mound for a pitching change. That’s when members of the Dodger Stadium grounds crew ran onto the field to remove the goose.

The goose evaded its capturers by flying around the ballpark, but it ran out of gas landing behind home plate. It once again tried to escape, but had no energy left, falling to the ground just near third base where it relented and was captured and removed from the field.

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