Three people are shot and fans and players flee Ohio high school football game

The game between Central Catholic High School and Whitmer High School in Toledo, Ohio, was abruptly cut short due to a shooting just outside of Whiter High Stadium.

Chilling scenes in Toledo, Ohio, where a high school football game turned into a nightmare. Three people were shot just outside the stadium, which sent fans and players alike fleeng and running for cover at Whitmer High Football Stadium.

The game between Central Catholic High School and Whitmer High School was seven minutes away from ending when a dozen loud gunshot sounds could be heard.

Local Schools Superintendent Kadee Anstadt gives update

“Dear Washington Local Families, An act of violence occurred outside the stadium at tonight’s football game between Central Catholic and Whitmer. At this time, we know that three people were shot, including two adults and one Whitmer student, and were transported to a local hospital to be treated for their injuries. No guests were injured in the evacuation, and we could not be prouder of our students, staff, Whitmer fans, and our guests from Central Catholic. The Whitmer Athletic policy of wanding and screening all guests was enforced, and the WLS pre-established safety plan was initiated immediately. We will update as further information becomes available,” Local Schools Superintendent Kadee Anstadt said

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