Damar Hamlin: American football player collapsed during match

American football player Damar Hamlin collapsed during a game in the NFL league in the USA.

The Buffalo Bills athlete was knocked to the ground during the match against the Cincinnati Bengals when an opposing player intervened.

The 24-year-old athlete is also in the US national team.

NFL, the top American football league of the USA, announced that the condition of Damar Hamlin, who was hospitalized, is critical.

While the match was interrupted, it was seen that the other players were crying and hugging each other.

Local sports reporter Joe Danneman wrote on his Twitter account that Hamlin had a pulse but could not breathe without support.

Sports channel ESPN reported that the health workers who entered the field took the player to the hospital by ambulance after giving heart massage.

An hour after the match was interrupted, the authorities extended the break until tomorrow.

In the NFL, it’s rare for games to be interrupted due to injury.

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