Video:Astros fan fight erupts during World Series parade

Two women were filming fighting in the street at the Astros’ World Series victory parade in Houston on Monday.

The Astros’ World Series victory parade had no shortage of drama on Monday in Houston.

In video footage posted to Twitter by “ballinandy24,” two women can be seen fighting in the street while a crowd of Astros fans looked on. A woman in a black t-shirt and shorts and another woman wearing an orange Astros jersey and jean shorts exchanged punches and hair-pulling in the clip.

At one point, the woman in the black t-shirt appears to throw the other woman on the ground, before kneeling over her and punching her repeatedly.

Before the clip cuts off, bystanders can be seen trying to pull the woman in the black t-shirt off of the other woman.

It’s unclear how the altercation started. It’s also unknown if police were called or if any injuries were reported.

According to the Houston Police Department, at least one million people attended the celebration. 

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