Former NFL star LeGarrette Blount in middle of wild brawl after youth football game

Former NFL running back LeGarrette Blount was involved in an altercation at a youth football game on Saturday that is being investigated by Gilbert, Ariz. police, according to TMZ.

After a 12-and-under game between the GCYFC Gators — a team that is coached by Blount — and the Chandler Elite Bears, the former Super Bowl champion was captured on a drone video throwing punches at a man in a white t-shirt. Police told TMZ that Blount, 35, is “an involved party” in the incident.

In the footage, people can be seen rushing the field and screaming while a number of fights appeared to break out. The altercation reportedly occurred after a postgame handshake between the two teams.

Police told TMZ they were called to the scene shortly after 7 PM “in relation to multiple reports of adults fighting during a youth football game.”

The fight reportedly ended by the time police arrived and no injuries were reported.

In a statement on Monday, Blount apologized to his players and their parents, as well as the opposing team and their parents.

“As a leader, coach, father and a role model I understand my actions are unacceptable,” Blount said. “I hope and pray for your understanding and forgiveness and plan to continue to be a positive impact in the lives of our youth.”

Blount reportedly added that he believes there is more to the story than what is seen in the footage, though, “regardless of that, I take full responsibility for my part in it and for putting myself in this situation.”

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