Big shock to Argentina! Saudi Arabia beat Argentina

Argentina, which was shown as one of the biggest championship contenders in the 2022 World Cup, lost 2-1 against Saudi Arabia in the first match of Group C.

In the match, Messi scored the goals in Argentina from the penalty spot, while in Saudi Arabia the goals came from Saleh Al-Shehri in the 48th minute and Salem Al-Dawsari in the 53rd minute.


In the 2nd minute , Argentina approaches the goal with Lionel Messi. While Lautaro Martinez was trying to control the ball, which Angel Di Maria turned from the right wing, after the intervention of the Saudi Arabian defenders, Lionel Messi managed to get the ball out of the corner when Lionel Messi hit the empty ball in the penalty area line.

Argentina wins a penalty in the 8th minute . After Saud Abdulhamid’s intervention against Leandro Paredes in the corner position, the referee Slavko Vincic watches the position again with the warning of the VAR system and decides that the position is a penalty.

In the 10th minute , Argentina took a 1-0 lead against Saudi Arabia with Lionel Messi’s goal from the penalty spot. Lionel Messi proceeds with calm steps in the penalty kick and sends the ball and the goalkeeper to separate corners with his kick to the right corner and brings the ball to the nets.

In the 22nd minute, Papu Gomez’s mid-air pass, Lionel Messi faced the goalkeeper and sent the ball into the net with a place kick with his left foot. However, due to being in an offside position, the goal was not valid.

In the 27th minute , Paredes’ intermediate pass, Lautaro Martinez faced the goalkeeper and went into the bottom of the ball and sent the ball into the net with a stylish overkill. The goal was disallowed once again due to Martinez being in an offside position during the VAR system review.

In the 35th minute, Lionel Messi’s intermediate pass, Lautaro Martinez faces the goalkeeper, and Lautaro Martinez, who smirked from the goalkeeper Mohammed Al-Owais, sends the ball into the net, but the goal is not valid because he is in an offside position.

In the 48th minute , Saudi Arabia caught the draw with the goal scored by Saleh Al-Shehri. Saleh Al-Shehri, who met the ball with Firas Al-Buraikan’s intermediate pass, evades Cristian Romero and kicks the ball from the left corner into the nets from the left diagonal of the penalty area.

With the goal of Salem Al-Dawsari in the 53rd minute , Saudi Arabia took the lead by 2-1 in the match. Nawaf Al-Abed’s shot from the right diagonal inside the penalty area bounces off the Argentina defense and the ball is in front of Salem Al-Dawsari. Salem Al-Dawsari dodges his opponents and shoots from the left cross inside the penalty area and the ball hits the nets from the far corner of the goal.

While Mohammed Al-Owais, who left his goal in the 74th minute , wanted to clear the ball, the Argentine players left the ball, while Angel Di Maria crashed into the empty goal from afar, and Saudi Arabia’s defense cut the ball.

In the 84th minute , Argentina is approaching a draw with Lionel Messi. In the middle of Angel Di Maria’s right diagonal sent to the penalty area, Lionel Messi’s head kick on the back post is left by goalkeeper Mohammed Al-Owais.

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