Republicans, pro-lifers victimized by political violence since Biden called Trump supporters ‘threat’ to U.S.

Several instances of political violence, many with victims supporting conservative causes, have occurred since President Biden warned of the alleged threat that supporters of former President Trump pose to the country, including attacks on anti-abortion activists and political canvassers and the murder of an 18-year-old in North Dakota.

“Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic,” President Biden said during a September 1 speech in Philadelphia that earned widespread criticism from conservatives and even some on the left.

“They promote authoritarian leaders, and they fan the flames of political violence that are a threat to our personal rights, to the pursuit of justice, to the rule of law, to the very soul of this country,” Biden said of supporters of the MAGA agenda in his speech.

In the days leading up to the Philadelphia speech, Biden said that MAGA Republicans “embrace political violence” and their “entire philosophy” is “almost like semi-fascism.”

In the weeks following those comments, several instances of political violence have taken place, including an elderly woman in her 80s being shot in Michigan as she canvassed in support of a right-to-life group last week. 

Michigan State Police told Fox News Digital Saturday that the elderly woman was shot after a “verbal altercation while she was passing out pamphlets.” 

Another violent incident occurred last weekend in Texas when two volunteers on Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s re-election campaign were reportedly assaulted while knocking on doors in a Houston suburb.

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