Biden calls VP Kamala Harris a ‘great president’ in gaffe during White House event

President Biden on Monday called Vice President Kamala Harris a “great president” while wishing her a happy birthday in his latest verbal slip-up.

The gaffe came during an event at the White House celebrating Diwali, an important Hindu holiday, during which the president also recognized Harris’s recent birthday on Oct. 20.

“Happy birthday to a great president,” Biden said, forgetting his No. 2’s official title.  

The moment was mocked by conservatives on Twitter. 

“Joe Biden just wished Kamala Harris a happy birthday and said she’s a great president. I can’t believe I’m giving Democrats advice, but hide him in his beach house. Every time he speaks the red wave gets higher,” tweeted Clay Travis, founder of OutKick.  

RNC Research, a Twitter account managed by the Republican National Committee, also seized on the slip, sharing a video of the moment that went viral.

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