Trump buys ‘nice array’ of McDonald’s for East Palestine residents, first responders

Former President Donald Trump ordered a “nice array” of McDonald’s for first responders and residents of East Palestine, Ohio on Wednesday and declared he knows the menu better than anyone in the restaurant, including the employees. 

“Hello, everybody. What’s your specialty today?” the 76-year-old former president told the woman running the register at the crowded eatery in the town that’s been on edge since the Feb. 3 toxic train derailment.

The dad joke was followed by Trump complimenting the “nice, beautiful looking group of people” behind the counter and in the kitchen of what is known to be one of his most beloved fast-food joints.

“So, I know this menu better than you do. I probably know it better than anybody in here,” Trump told the McDonald’s employees before indicating that he would take care of meals for the town’s police and fire departments, and everyone in the restaurant. 

“Knock it out fast for us … we’ll be eating it on the plane back,” a hungry Trump requested. 

Trump’s love of the Golden Arches is well known.

The former commander-in-chief memorably served McDonald’s and a vast spread of other fast-food fare to the 2019 NCAA national champion Clemson Tigers football team during their White House visit amid a government shutdown. 

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