Tennessee sex cop admits she ‘got stupid’ with randy male officers amid divorce

The Tennessee cop fired for having sex with multiple officers while on duty told investigators she “cracked” while going through a difficult divorce — leading to affairs with randy male colleagues who would “stick their d— in anything.”

When confronted by an internal investigator, 26-year-old Maegan Hall came clean about the sordid affairs and explained how things spiraled out of control, according to a transcript of the interview first obtained by WSMV 4.

“Me and my husband were kind of on the verge of a divorce and I just cracked and then it just kind of got out of hand,” she said, according to the transcript.

“I got stupid, I got desperate, I guess and guys are guys and they’ll stick their d— in anything”

Hall sat down with the department’s head of human resources Andrew Patton for three sit-down interviews

In one part of the 61-page transcript, Hall admitted to performing oral sex on Sgt. Lewis Powell, inside a police substation. She said their affair involved “a lot of sex” and was sparked by troubles in her marriage.

The affair with Powell allegedly became toxic once Hall tried to break things off. She said he threatened to kill himself by drinking an entire bottle of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey and then getting into a car wreck.

“It’s because of you and you did this to me and you hurt me,” Hall claimed Powell said to her.

The two finally ended their affair after she told Powell she was sexually involved with someone else, according to Hall’s testimony.

During the interview, she also confessed to having sex with fellow officer Larry Holladay and a threesome with fellow officer Patrick Magliocco and his wife. Nudes were also reportedly exchanged between Hall and multiple officers.

Hall detailed how she tried to coax her own husband into a wife swap with Magliocco and his wife. But that plan failed, she said.

“When Mags was like right by us, and then on the couch Mags was like ‘if y’all start making out, maybe Jed will get into, my husband, into the idea,’” Hall recounted, according to the transcript. “And when we started making out, Jed was like, ‘no.’”

Hall also recalled how she tried to hook her husband into another sexual romp with another couple — Sgt. Ty McGowan, the fired sergeant, and his wife, according to the transcript.

“Ty wanted to try to get Jed to have a thing with all of us,” she told Patton. “We played strip Uno and then V (McGowan’s wife) went out onto the patio with Jed, me and Ty kissed for a little bit and then that was it,” she said.

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