Protester who threw eggs at King Charles III barred from carrying eggs in public as part of bail

A 23-year-old arrested in northern England Wednesday for allegedly throwing eggs at King Charles III and Camilla, the queen consort, has reportedly been banned from carrying eggs in public. 

The eggs just missed the royal couple who were in Yorkshire on a royal visit. 

The king and queen were walking down a street in York shaking hands with locals when the suspect, identified by the Mirror as Patrick Thelwell, 23, tossed the eggs at them. 

He was immediately restrained by police after the incident. 

Thelwell, a self-identified climate activist, told the Mirror that, as a condition of his bail, he must stay 500 meters away from the king and isn’t allowed to carry eggs in public with the exception of grocery shopping. He called the rules “amusing.” 

He also claimed the crowd shouted that he should be “murdered” and his head should be on a “spike” but that he wasn’t phased because he knows what “fascism is, what it looks like.” Charles has been an advocate of climate change awareness for decades. 

“People were ripping chunks of my hair out, they were spitting at me. People lost their minds,” he claimed. “It’s just so revealing to see when you challenge someone’s beliefs in that way, the belief of the superiority of this man’s blood.

“I did what I did because I don’t believe in kings. I believe in the equality of all people.” 

The North Yorkshire Police didn’t identify Thelwell but said a 23-year-old had been arrested on a public order offense and was interviewed and released. The department didn’t immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment. 

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