Lap-dancing NYPD cop Vera Mekuli poses as villainess in sexy shots

Those are some arresting photos!

Bronx rookie cop Vera Mekuli, who made headlines last year when she gave a lap dance to a superior at a holiday party, is melting Instagram with sizzling snaps dressed like DC comics bad girl Harley Quinn.

Wearing harlequin makeup, fishnet stockings and carrying an oversized mallet just like the anti-hero, 27-year-old Mekuli posed next to her black Subaru WRX STI.

In one image, she stands in front of the car looking back at the camera and in another she is squatting down at the rear of the Subaru, which is outfitted with a spoiler.

Mekuli posted three photos to her Instagram page with the caption “Trouble never looked so fine.”

The saucy snaps made her fans overheat.

“DEFINITELY representing NEW YORKS FINEST!!!” one gawker drooled.

“Best cop ever,” another wrote.

But not everyone was impressed with her provocative pix.

“How this broad is still a cop is beyond me,” one wrote. Another chimed in that “People like her are turning the job into a joke. … This is acceptable from a cop? This is back-up if someone is fighting for their life?”

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