Female NYPD sergeant is accused of yanking officer’s …

An NYPD sergeant got into a hairy situation with an officer, allegedly yanking the woman’s ponytail in their Queens stationhouse, according to a complaint.

“You put your hair in a bun or a perp might do this,” Sgt. Nakia Middleton-House is alleged to have told Officer Christine Meisner before pulling her hair, according to a copy of the complaint seen by The Post.

The hair tug caused Meisner, 29, to stumble forward and led to a complaint of “substantial” pain in her neck, the document said.

Meisner had a previous neck injury, which Middleton-House was aware of, according to the complaint, which noted the officer requested medical attention.

The incident took place at the 109th Precinct stationhouse in Flushing on Nov. 1 — but wasn’t reported until two months later, according to Vincent Vallelong, president Sergeant’s Benevolent Association.

No one was charged.

Vallelong alleged Meisner filed a “false report” against the sergeant after the officer was disciplined for not putting in for time off.

“We promote and train people to be supervisors and that is exactly what the sergeant did — supervise!” he told The Post. “If we would like to send the wrong message and discipline our sergeant for doing her job then tell me what message I should send to all my members across the department!”

Vallelong also claimed there is video of the alleged hair yank and it “does not show assault.”

“The officer did not stumble and the sergeant did not jerk her back,” he said.

Middleton-House, 48, is a 17-year veteran of the force. Records show she was disciplined in 2018 for using a department database for inquiries unrelated to her duties and lost 10 vacation days.

Middleton-House hung up when asked for comment.

Meisner, who joined the department in 2017, did not immediately return a request for comment.

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