Climate activists arrested for throwing cake on King Charles wax statue

Let him eat cake!

Four climate activists were arrested in London Monday for throwing cake at a wax statue of King Charles III — the latest in a series of food-based protests over eco-policy.

“We responded quickly to an incident at Madame Tussauds after two people threw food at a statue at approximately 10:50hrs,” London’s Metropolitan Police tweeted Monday, adding later that four people had been arrested in connection with the protest.

In a statement, Just Stop Oil — a coalition of UK climate activists — identified the pair as Eilidh McFadden, 20, and Tom Johnson, 29.

The duo staged the protest to demand a halt to new gas and oil licenses, the group said.

Just Stop Oil Activists Throw Cake on King Charles Waxwork in London JW: 8Gvkowx5

“We are here because we seek to protect our freedoms and rights, because we seek to protect this green and pleasant land which is the inheritance of us all,” the pair said in a statement.

“The science is clear. The demand is simple: just stop new oil and gas. It’s a piece of cake.”

Quoting the late Queen Elizabeth II at last year’s United Nations Climate Conference, the activists added, “The time for words has moved to the time for action” — a statement Johnson echoed Monday while throwing a second piece of cake into the statue’s face.

Charles announced earlier this month that he would not be attending this year’s iteration of the UN climate conference, set to be held in Egypt this month.

Monday’s dessert dissent comes one day after climate activists in Germany hurled mashed potatoes at Oscar-Claude Monet’s painting “Les Meules,” and less than two weeks after activists associated with Just Stop Oil tossed tomato soup on a Van Gogh.

In July, climate activists in Paris smeared cake on the Mona Lisa.

In all of these instances, the works of art, often kept behind glass, have been unharmed.

“This is not a one day event, expect us every day and anywhere,” Just Stop Oil said in Monday’s statement. “This is an act of resistance against a criminal government and their genocidal death project.”

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