Biden stumbles on the stairs of Air Force One again

President Joe Biden once again had trouble navigating Air Force One’s stairs – briefly stumbling as he boarded the presidential aircraft on Sunday as he departed from Selma, Alabama. 

The latest wobble comes less than two weeks after he tripped up the stairs as he boarded the plane after a whirlwind three-day visit to Europe, which included a 10-hour train ride to and from Kyiv, the war-torn capital of Ukraine. 

The president, 80, also fell up the stairs of Air Force One just two months into his administration in March 2021. 

And in June 2022, he fell off his bike while spending a weekend in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

One of his biggest vulnerabilities going into the 2024 presidential campaign cycle – should Biden run – will be his age, with Republican candidate Nikki Haley already calling for politicians older than 75 to be subjected to ‘competency tests.’ 

On Saturday, former President Donald Trump, 76, who announced a presidential run in November, ridiculed Biden for his stumbles.

‘We all smile when he falls down stairs and things, it’s cute, when he falls off his bicycle,’ he joked with the crowd at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, of which Trump was the headliner. 

‘You know what amazes me?’ the ex-president continued. ‘The reporters didn’t catch him when the bike was going down, they were standing right next to him. They let him fall,’ he said. 

Biden was biking with first lady Jill Biden around a trail near their Rehoboth Beach vacation home in June when residents beckoned him over to wish him a Happy Father’s Day. 

The president stopped his bike but fell to the side when his right foot got stuck in the toe clip. Reporters attempted to catch the president, but Secret Service agents quickly swarmed him. 

He got up after just a few seconds on the ground. 

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