Seven people injured in Missouri amusement park train derailment

A steam train at a Missouri theme park derailed Wednesday, sending seven people to the hospital.

Several sections of the Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train, an old-fashioned attraction at Silver Dollar City, disconnected from its track, the amusement park announced.

Photos taken at the scene show parts of the passenger train lying on its right side, with other sections remaining upright.

Six guests and one employee were taken to a nearby hospital, the park said, though Stone County’s Office of Emergency Management Director Tom Martin told Ozark’s First that none sustained life-threatening injuries.

The train had been full when it toppled over, Martin said.

A passenger who had been riding in the second-to-last car told the outlet passengers had to smash the windows to climb out of the overturned cars.

One of the men taken to the hospital was suffering from lower back issues, she said, and a woman was bleeding after her glasses were smashed into her face.

The attraction is marketed as a “leisurely 20-minute steam train ride through the beautiful Ozark countryside” that features a staged train robbery.

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