Pennsylvania police officer arrested for allegedly buying cocaine

A Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, police officer was busted over the weekend for allegedly trying to buy cocaine from an undercover informant in a neighboring county, according to reports.

Justin Thomas Taylor, 28, was arrested by the Cumberland County Drug Task Force for allegedly attempting to possess cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to a release from the Cumberland County District Attorney’s office, Taylor is a member of the Harrisburg Police Department, and he was arrested as part of a drug enforcement operation run by the Dauphin County and Cumberland County Drug Task Forces.

Task force members became aware of Taylor on Feb. 16 when they executed a search warrant in Cumberland County.

The officers discovered that a police officer may be a customer of a person who they were investigating for selling illegal drugs.

On Feb. 19, an informant told the task force that Taylor would be showing up at a particular time and place to purchase cocaine.

Once Taylor took possession of the cocaine, he was arrested by the task force, the DA’s office said.

“It is extremely disappointing anytime we encounter an officer who is breaking the law,” Cumberland County District Attorney Seán M. McCormack said. “It is a complete betrayal by the officer of the trust the public placed in him to uphold the law, not break it. Personally, I remember teaching this officer when he was brand new at the police academy. I always stress when teaching new officers, the importance of holding themselves and fellow officers to high ethical standards.”

City of Harrisburg spokesman Matt Maisel said Taylor has been suspended, pending an investigation by the Dauphin County and Cumberland County Drug Task Forces.

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