Hurricane Ian live tracker: Over 2K flights canceled as storm approaches Florida

Follow the New York Post’s live coverage of Hurricane Ian as it tracks towards landfall in Florida and the US. Get the latest on path updates, timelines, evacuation notices and more.

6 minutes ago

Hurricane Ian breaks storm surge record in Naples

By Olivia Land

Record storm surge levels in Naples, Florida, reached 4.8 feet Wednesday as Hurricane Ian bore down on the state’s west coast.

Inundation in Naples already exceeds the previous record, about 4.2 feet, set during Hurricane Irma in 2017, CNN reported.

Water levels are expected to continue rising as the storm moves farther inland and high tide approaches at 2 p.m. ET.

With wind speeds of 155 mph, Hurricane Ian is also set to join only four other storms to make US landfall with winds exceeding that speed.

17 minutes ago

Viral video shows weather reporter braving storm in Fort Myers

By Olivia Land

An intrepid Weather Channel reporter braved the brunt of Hurricane Ian to report live from the shoreline in Fort Myers.

The footage left viewers shocked as the reporter struggled to speak amid the wind gusts and heavy rain.

Dressed only in a thin raincoat, he appeared to lose his footing several times.

“He’s gonna be over that railing in a few,” one viewer tweeted.

Dozens of Florida locations of the popular Waffle House restaurant chain were forced to close this week in anticipation of Hurricane Ian, USA Today reported.

Known for its eponymous waffles and smothered hash browns, the chain rarely closes its doors. Its kitchens have been known to keep first responders fed through past major disasters.

But Hurricane Ian, with its Category 4-level winds and storm surge, has proved an exception.

“We do have closures in mandatory evacuation zones and areas within low-lying areas that are subject to severe flooding,” Waffle House vice president of public relations Njeri Boss told the outlet on

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