Woman throws food, spits at McDonald’s employees in shocking outburst

A video has emerged online of a woman abusing and spitting at staff at a McDonald’s in Adelaide, Australia.

The woman can be seen hurling herself at the counter several times, accusing a manager of hitting her.

“You hit me in the face bro,” she can be heard saying.

The manager then fires back: “No, I did not.”

The woman replied: “Yes you f–king did, there’s a video you stupid f–k”.

The woman then proceeds to throw food and condiment packets she grabbed from behind the counter at staff at the Hindley Street street in the city center.

She then spat at the workers.

Other staff members can be seen attempting to calm the woman down as she continued to yelling and throw items.

“This is a vile and disgusting attack,” Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association secretary Josh Peak said.

“Fast food workers are just trying to do their job and do not deserve to be treated this way.”

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