Viral Video Shows Covid Positive Person in China Being Lifted By Crane

First detected in 2019 in Wuhan, the COVID-19 virus is pestering the world and continues to hinder lives, as they were live pre-pandemic. Even before the discovery of vaccines, social distancing was the only thing to be practised to get away with the disease. In China, however, things have gone a little too extreme. A video which is currently going viral, shows, what is being deemed as, “Epidemic prevention revolution.” A person in the video can be seen being lifted through a crane, which is a new extreme of social distancing.

“A positive patient was hoisted out of the community by a crane because they dared not go in and pick them up, and they didn’t want the patient’s bacteria to stay on the floor, which could ensure the smallest contact area,” read the caption of the video. This comes as Chinese President Xi Jinping has already declared his Zero Covid Policy. As per the stringent policy, lockdowns are imposed in cities if Covid infections are found. Have a look at the video:

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