‘Naked and Afraid’ contestant’s penis ‘working again’ after horrifying mishap

He might be naked and afraid, but at least he has a working penis.

The “Naked and Afraid” contestant who burned his penis while filming the upcoming Season 15 premiere of the Discovery+ reality series has an exciting health update.

Sam Mouzer revealed that this penis is fully working again, he told TMZ.

“My penis, my member is all fully functional and in working order again, I’m happy to report,” Mouzer said.

The 38-year-old contestant burned “just the tip” when he and co-contestant Lilly Jammerbund were sleeping by a fire pit without clothing.

“It was a matter of time and, sadly, myself was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and it just hit that bullseye,” he said with a laugh when recalling the freak mishap.

The UK native started to scream when he felt the “sharp” burning sensation reach his nether regions. He claimed it felt like putting out a cigarette on bare skin, with a sudden and sharp pain that eventually led to throbbing in his penis.

Luckily, on-set medics were able to quickly treat Mouzer’s burns, so he wasn’t in pain for long and didn’t get any infection from the wound.

Mouzer was a good sport, though, reportedly laughing and staying calm while being treated by the professionals.

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