I gave birth in an elevator — and it was all caught on security footage

She reached new heights on her way down.

A Brazilian woman has given birth inside her apartment building’s elevator — with the entire ordeal caught on security camera.

Déborah Bittar was at home in Anapolis late last month when she went into labor with her second child. The mom made a frantic dash to her local hospital, but only reached the elevator before delivering her daughter, Julia.

Thankfully, Bittar was accompanied by her husband, Dr. Danilo Almieda, an OB/GYN who was on hand to help with the little girl’s arrival.

Last Thursday, the doctor dad took to Instagram to share footage from the elevator’s security camera which showed the incredible birth.

“Julia’s birth happened very quickly and unusually, but it serves to understand that women know how to give birth and babies know how to BE BORN at their exact time! (even if it’s so fast!),” Almieda captioned his post.

“I don’t advocate unattended births, and I believe birth safety is a priority, but there are totally unpredictable situations,” he added. “As much as we had planned another scenario for her arrival, the atmosphere in that elevator was very peaceful and quiet, after all we were witnessing the birth of our

Almieda paid tribute to Bittar, saying he did little to help his nutritionist wife deliver their daughter.

“Déborah was amazing throughout the whole process, this birth was ALL hers!” he gushed. “My role was the same as the doorman watching on camera, just contemplating the beauty of birth!”

“Childbirth is a natural, physiological and unpredictable event — that makes it amazing!” the OB/GYN continued, before concluding: “It was beautiful. It was fast. It was exciting.”

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