Virgin Atlantic Airways ‘gender-neutral’ livery

British-based airline Virgin Atlantic has updated its gender identity policy, eliminating the requirement for its employees to wear gender-based uniform options.

The company, which was the first in the country and one of the first in the world to allow cabin crews to have tattoos on visible parts of their bodies last May, drew attention with its uniform decision this time.

Updates its gender identity policy

Company; it defends its individuality by ensuring that its employees wear clothes that express how they describe themselves or how they present themselves, especially make-up and tattoo. The company also included the results of the research in its announcement; It also found that allowing employees to embrace their individuality at work increases mental well-being (49%), feelings of happiness (65%), and creates a better experience for staff and customers (24%).

Stating that cabin crew, pilot and anyone working in ground services can choose the uniform they feel most comfortable with, the company thinks that the application will be beneficial in terms of inclusivity and overseeing the differences in the workplace.

Designed by Vivienne Westwood

Uniforms designed by British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood were designed separately for ‘men’ and ‘women’. Employees who can choose whatever they want without restriction “regardless of their gender, gender identity and the way they portray their gender identity” will no longer have to choose “what is designed with the appropriate gender in mind”.

The company also announced that they will prepare name badges that will pave the way for the personnel to be addressed as they wish.

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