Megyn Kelly: I’d rather my husband have one-night stand than ‘sit and cry’ with another woman

Megyn Kelly said that, given the choice, she would rather her husband have a one-night sex romp with another woman than see him “sit and cry” with that woman and form an emotional bond with her.

The topic came up when the SiriusXM podcaster who hosts “The Megyn Kelly Show” was discussing reports of an imminent divorce between NFL quarterback Tom Brady and his supermodel wife, Gisele Bündchen.

Kelly read from a Page Six exclusive report that the couple hired divorce lawyers after what was described as an “epic fight” amid Bündchen’s reported unhappiness over Brady’s decision to play another season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Kelly’s guest, Gad Saad, a Canadian professor and marketing expert, said that while he was admittedly “entering speculation land,” he noted that “statistically speaking, [Brady returning to football] seems to be an unlikely reason they would have broken up.”

Saad said that from the perspective of “evolutionary psychology,” women “get more triggered and more angry and more jealous by emotional infidelity rather than sexual infidelity.”

“It doesn’t mean that they’re happy if their man sleeps around with other women,” Saad added. “But if he develops an emotional, platonic bond with another woman … that might actually be a greater precursor of them splitting because emotional infidelity is the greatest threat to a woman’s interest.”

“I can see that,” Kelly responded. “I’m thinking about my own husband — I’d much rather he have a one-night stand with a woman than sit and cry with her.”

Kelly — who has been married to novelist Doug Brunt, a former cybersecurity CEO and author of three books, since 2008 — didn’t elaborate. The couple have three children.

According to Saad, the top two reasons couples split are “financial conflict” and “infidelity.”

“Infidelity is much more of a death blow [to the relationship] if a woman cheats on a man than vice versa — not because of the patriarchy but because when a woman cheats on a guy, it triggers paternity uncertainty from an evolutionary perspective,” according to Saad.

“Whereas when a man cheats on a woman, it’s not quite the same thing.”

On the subject of the glamorous Brady and Bündchen, Kelly said, “It’s no accident they found each other,” calling them “two of the most beautiful people on Earth.”

She also noted that they had “two of the biggest careers on Earth” and that “some would say it’s no accident that it’s going to end because two careers that big and two personalities that big — it’s tough to stay together long-term.”

The podcaster also weighed in on the ongoing saga of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

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