London celebrates No Pants Day, people ditch bottoms and commute in underwear

London: Did you know that there’s a day to relive your childhood days of roaming in short pants or just in underwear? While some countries observe “No Pants Day” in May, London is vibing in the mood of No Pants Subway Ride Day already. The capital of England and the UK celebrated the quirky day that falls on January 9. People were seen ditching their bottoms during their commute in public transport

To the unversed, reports suggest that the day is observed in different parts of the world in over 60 cities since 2002. The idea behind the day comes from Charlie Todd from a comedic performance art group named Improv Everywhere, and the aim is simple — to confuse and amuse bystanders about the day. Some also call it the “Day for No Trousers Tube Ride.”

Interestingly, the rule of the day is to be as casual and normal as on any other day. Those participating in the quirky day just step out in public wearing their underpants and walk naturally as if they haven’t realised of forgotting their trousers at home.

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