Joe Rogan questions the narrative of Elon Musk turning far-right, asks for evidence

Joe Rogan is known to discuss a wide variety of topics on his renowned podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. The UFC commentator recently questioned the narrative that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has become a far-right extremist.

Speaking to guest Matt Taibbi on episode #1940 of the podcast, Rogan stated:

Rogan then added:

Rogan added that critics of Musk often do not have an example and are simply operating off of a narrative. The podcast host shared that criticisms of the Twitter CEO are due to him allowing former United States President Donald Trump back on Twitter. He noted that these claims are hypocritical as the Taliban and Chinese Communist Party are also on the social media platform.

Joe Rogan shares thoughts on Donald Trump being allowed on Twitter

After purchasing Twitter, Elon Musk restored Donald Trump’s account following a poll in which he asked users to vote on the fate of the former United States President’s account. UFC color commentator Joe Rogan shared his thoughts on the reinstatement while speaking with guest Matt Taibbi on episode #1940 of JRE, stating:

Rogan added that having pushback against Trump is more beneficial for those who are against him than keeping him off the platform and allowing him and his followers to be in an echo chamber. Despite being reinstated in November, the former United States President has not returned to Twitter.

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