I was forced to move out of my plane seat after complaints about my breasts

Banished for her breasts.

A model who boasts “the biggest boobs in the UK” says she was forced to sit in a plane’s galley after fellow passengers complained about her enormous assets on a flight from Las Vegas to London.

Leia Parker, who goes by “Jodie Juggs” on Instagram and proudly proclaims she has a size 32T chest, jetted out of Sin City on Aug. 22 after spending three months in the United States.

The 26-year-old Brit booked and paid for an economy seat for her journey back home, but found the area “small.”

“The seats being small is not good for my boobs — I struggle to not be in other passengers’ way,” Parker admitted in an interview with NeedtoKnow.online on Wednesday.

But rather than try to accommodate her enormous assets, fellow fliers acted angrily to the busty Brit and quickly complained to the cabin crew.

“The passengers were so vile to me,” the surgically enhanced model moaned. “One female passenger said to the stewardess that she wanted, ‘this girl and her stupid t-ts moved.’ She said I kept pushing up against her boyfriend, but there was just not enough space.”

Parker alleged that some passengers even demanded an upgrade to get away for her, saying they were unacceptably squished up because of her big breasts.

Meanwhile, the glamour model claimed that cabin crew sided with the other passengers, describing the employees of the unnamed airline as “very b- -chy and patronizing.”

The blond bombshell was eventually forced to move out of her booked seat and sit in the galley area at the back of the aircraft as there was no other available space.

“They didn’t have other seats so I ended up spending most of the flight sat in a jump seat in the kitchen bit,” she continued. “It was really hurtful.”

The busty model says just one flight attendant treated her correctly, offering to bring her pillows for extra comfort on the 10-hour plane ride.

Parker has since complained to the airline about her unacceptable experience, but says she had not yet received an apology.

However, the big-breasted bombshell doesn’t seem too traumatized from her ordeal, and has been back out and about on public transport.

On Tuesday, Parker filmed herself in the back of a London taxi showing off her ample cleavage, posting the video to Instagram with a caption that read: “Taxi into town for a meeting. Honestly think the driver is going to crash from looking at my #airbags. Either that or get into the back with me!”

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