‘Disrespectful’ Playboy model ripped for twerking in thong in cemetery

A Las Vegas Playboy model aroused ire online after a scandalous Halloween showcase that saw her twerk and grind on gravestones while wearing nothing but a thong. Photos and footage of her sordid striptease are currently going viral as gawkers accuse her of disrespecting the dead.

“Happy October, tis spooky szn and i celebrate Halloween all month long,” Amanda Nicole Martin, 27, wrote in the caption of the NSFW sexhibition, which she uploaded earlier this month for her 8.8 million Instagram followers.

In honor of the macabre holiday, Martin decided to parade about a graveyard dressed as Lady Death, a Marvel character known for her gray-white skin and racy black thong bikini and cape. She even dons latex stockings and painted her body to mimic the goddess’ skull-festooned spaghetti straps. “Rate my Lady Death look 1-100,” she invited in the caption to the post.

The accompanying footage shows an unrecognizable Martin strolling down the headstones in the saucy getup while wielding the goddess’ signature sword. Things get risqué after the tomb raider starts twerking her voluptuous derriere and giving a headstone a lap dance like some sort of occult exotic dancer for the dead.

However, many viewers deemed Martin’s cemetery cosplay impressive with one awestruck commenter writing: “100+ my love, you hit that look out of the park.”

“It took me a second to realize it was you,” exclaimed another impressed fan. “After I did I was shocked again once I realized it was body paint and not actual clothes. I give this 100 for the amazing effort and beauty on display.”

However, others found it less than humerus.

“We just gonna ignore the fact she’s at a cemetery,” commented one offended gawker, while another wrote,“This has to be disrespectful at a graveyard.”

“Are you actually in a graveyard. People now days,” lamented another appalled follower of the allegedly controversial display.

Martin has since clarified that the setting was actually a pet cemetery, joking that if she gets haunted she prefers it be by “puppy ghosts” a la the Stephen King book, “Pet Sematary,” Jam Press reported.

The Playboy model is known for her nearly identical cosplays of a variety of famous characters, including Mystique from the “X-Men” movies, murderous doll Tiffany Valentine from the “Bride of Chucky,” and Black Widow from the Marvel movies.

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