Video reveals horror of Texas hospital bloodbath that left two nurses dead

Chaos, anguished screams and cries for help were caught on camera at a Dallas, Texas hospital when a gunman allegedly shot two nurses dead and pistol-whipped his girlfriend minutes after she had given birth.

Criminal Nestor Hernandez, 30, had been released from prison in October 2021 after serving time on a robbery conviction but was still on electronic monitoring with an ankle tag.

He had been allowed to visit the hospital while his girlfriend gave birth, but instead entered the delivery and labor wing of Methodist Dallas Medical Center and accused her of cheating, according to court documents, telling her He said he would shoot the next person who came through the door.

He allegedly held true to that promise, and shot and killed Jacqueline Ama Pokuaa who entered the room to provide services to the new mom. He also allegedly shot Katie Annette Flowers when she peeked into the room.

Much of the chaos was captured by the bodycam of Methodist Medical System Sgt. Robert Rangel who was investigating an unrelated incident close to the delivery room.

When the first shot rang out, someone can be heard on video screaming “Oh, s–t“ among a slew of screams.

The first officer to respond asks someone what happened, and is told “Watch out, man, watch out.”

That’s when the shocking video captured the sound of another gun shot and more screaming and wailing. 

The cop shields behind a wall and calls for backup, according to the footage, which is full of painful wailing from people in the hospital.

The cop then shoots Hernandez in the leg, leading to more screams. 

“Come out, over here, please come out,” the cop yells, followed by a woman yelling “don’t do this.”

The cop tried to negotiate with Hernandez, asking him his name and saying “we can work this out.”

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