Maryland trio charged for drug operation involving 14-year-old

three Resident of Salisbury, Maryland Indictments were made this week in connection with a drug distribution operation involving a 14-year-old girl who stored and distributed drugs.

According to a press release from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office, members of the Community Action Team were informed of drugs being sold from a house on Pine Way.

An investigation resulted in Brian Elliott, 50, and Victoria Ross, 46, renting the house and allowing Alvin Thompson, 37, to sell controlled substances from there.

law enforcement officer We also found that a 14-year-old girl may be involved in drug activity.

Officers obtained a search warrant and issued a search warrant in October.

Officers conducting a search found a bag of cocaine in Ross’ car. At the same time, according to police, a search warrant was executed by members of the Salisbury Police Tactical Team at Pine’s Way home.

Elliot was inside the house with an elderly woman and another child.

police found during a search Fentanyl 3.8 grams 2.18 grams of cocaine packaged for distribution.

Police said most of the drugs found during the search were under the pillow of the 14-year-old girl’s bed.

Police said they also found “a large amount of CDS paraphernalia” in the house.

Police accused Thompson of using a 14-year-old girl to assist in surgery and to store and distribute drugs.

Police added that Elliot and Ross knew of the operation and authorized it.

Due to the involvement of children, we have contacted the Child Advocacy Center and the Department of Social Services to assist with the investigation.

Elliot, Ross, and Thompson were all charged with two counts each of drug possession for distribution purposes, conspiracy to possess drugs for distribution purposes, aiding the condition of a child, reckless endangerment, and possession of a tool.

They were also charged with three counts of drug possession other than marijuana.

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